2nd shift open in the SWIM CAMP KIDS

In this summer of 2024, the SWIM CAMP KIDS swimming campus will have a second shift. To the week of July 21 to 27, we will add a shift from July 14 to 20. It will be aimed at a small group of swimmers who will be able to perfect their swimming technique in the spectacular surroundings of Banyoles, one-hour-drive from Barcelona (Spain).

The swimming training camp for swimmers from the years 2012 to 2014 opens a second shift for the first time. Due to the great success of the last edition and the high rate of registrations this year, SWIM CAMP has decided to extend this campus to a second week in which we work especially on the control of body position to build the propulsive movements that will allow you to improve in all styles.

Finally, then, we will have two shifts for the SWIM CAMP KIDS:

  1. July 14 to 20, 2024
  2. July 21 to 27, 2024

In each of the weeks we will have 25 places, which will be assigned in strict order of reservation in our web form.

As always, the SWIM CAMP swimming camps will be directed by Tere Fullana and will have a top-level technical team specialized in training categories. The double training sessions will take place between the 25-meter pool of El Collell and the Lake of Banyoles. In addition, participants will have dry training sessions and a lot of recreational activities to have a great time.

The SWIM CAMP KIDS campus has discounts for former participants, siblings, large families and groups of 5 or more swimmers from the same club. And all of them will take a complete Turbo kit.

You can not lose this!