Olympic masterclass in the SWIM CAMP SNOW

The three-time Olympic Hocine Haciane will be the guest star on the SWIM CAMP SNOW Easter holidays swimming campus. The swimmer born in Andorra will tell his experience in the Olympic Games and will hold a technical session.

The first SWIM CAMP SNOW campus will feature a luxury Olympic masterclass. Hocine Haciane participated in three Olympic Games: in Athens 2004, Beijing 2008 and London 2012. In addition, he was the flag bearer of Andorra in the Games of the Greek capital. During a day, Hocine will give a technical session to swimmers participating in the camp.

The Andorran swimmer has a spectacular record. In addition to the three Olympic Games, Hocine Haciane competed in 4 World Championships, one Mediterranean Games and 6 Games of the Small States. In this event, he reached 25 medals: 11 gold, 11 silver and 3 bronze. He swam for the Barcelona club CE Mediterrani and was second of Spain of the 400 styles in 2007.

After the London Olympics he decided to retire from high competition. He is currently a coach of the Andorran Swimming Federation, performing physical preparation and coaching tasks.

Hocine Haciane has been “very excited to be able to collaborate with SWIM CAMP and with Tere Fullana in this innovative project in Andorra”. The two agreed for several years at the Barcelona club, where Tere was a swimming coordinator.

This Olympic masterclass joins the rest of the activities that participants will perform in Encamp from April 5 to 9. In addition to water and dry training sessions, swimmers will enjoy a day of fun in the Naturlandia park.