SWIM CAMP, new swimming camp this summer

Great news! In our fifth year of life, we introduced the first SWIM CAMP swimming camp. During the week of 15th to 21th July, swimmers born between years 2001 and 2007 will be able to learn new technical aspects in Banyoles (Girona) thanks to a technical team of first level and the use of new technologies. In fact, during this week, participants will be able to use the new Watlicam, an aquatic camera that allows to see in real time the work inside and outside of the water. In addition, the SWIM CAMP swimming camp will work on emotional aspects to better address competitions and encourage fellowship and peer collaboration.

With the technical direction of Judith Tarracó, former coach of CN Sant Andreu and psychologist, the first SWIM CAMP swimming camp will be held at El Collell, one-hour and half distance from Barcelona. It is a fully integrated sports complex where swimmers can practice in a privileged environment. In addition, during the whole week there will be a multitude of sports and adventure activities, from laser tag, to equestrian, mountain biking and quads. A round experience, which will be completed with the coexistence with the participants of the water polo camp WP CAMP. The objective is to encourage the relationship between athletes from different disciplines so that the experience is even more unforgettable.

All participants of the SWIM CAMP swimming camp will receive a complete set of our sponsor Turbo, consisting of swimsuit, silicone cap, backpack and T-shirt. The price for internal athletes is 590 €, which includes accommodation, training, activities and equipment Turbo, as well as accident insurance. In addition, SWIM CAMP offers the possibility that a bus service transfers athletes from Barcelona-Sants train station to El Collell for just 25 €.

For more information, you can contact us through the telephone +34 and the email info@swim-camp.com.